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Head roasters choice

Head roasters choice

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At Heave Ho coffee we are constantly getting in new beans from all over the world and we want to take our audience on the same journey that we're on. Thus the creation of the roasters choice. 

This Month’s coffee: Sumatra / ARUL BADAK TP
Description: This is our first coffee from the Arul Badak region of Aceh.

Processed traditionally as a wet-hulled coffee, means that this lot had the cherry skin removed and was sun-dried to 25-35% moisture content before hulling. During the hulling, the coffee’s parchment is removed from the
seed, and then the lot finishes sun-drying.This lot is a shining example of
the Sumatran cup profile, and then some. While hot the flavors are punchy
with pops of fruit and earthy spices, and cools with that fruit coming out even more and the spiciness becoming almost like the spice of a Dr. PepperTM. Notes that we got across the board were Dried Peach, and fresh Raspberry, with sweetness of Brown Sugar and the spice of Nutmeg. We’re really happy
to have come across this coffee, and we hope you get a chance to enjoy it before we drink it all

Country: Indonesia
Region: Arul Badak, Aceh
Varietal: Tim Tim
Process: Wet-Helled
Cupping Notes: Dried Peach, Raspberry, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg
Roast: Dark
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