Octobers Roaster Choice

Heave Ho Coffee Club
Head roasters choice
At Heave Ho coffee we are constantly getting in new beans from all over the world and we want to take our audience on the same journey that we're on. Thus the creation of the roasters choice.
This Month’s coffee: Rwanda Honey coco
Rwanda Honey coco is a coffee processing site in Ngororero District within Rwanda's Western Province. They produce mostly wet process coffee at this site, but also process a nominal amount of honey and natural process too. Hundreds of farmers in the region deliver their cherry to the site where floatation and hand sorting are first employed in order to begin the grading process. The whole cherry is then run through the de-pulping equipment before being laid to dry with much of the fruit still on the seed. This is honey processing, the term coined after the golden hue of the fruit once dried. The cups tend to have weighty mouthfeel, rounded acidity (if not muted) and often impart some fruited flavor characteristics too. Bourbon is the dominant cultivar in this region and farmers delivering to Ngororero are scattered across an altitude range of 1600 to 2000 meters above sea level
Roast type: medium
Country of origin: Rwanada/Ngororero
Altitude: 1600 to 2000 meters
Flavor notes: Caramel, cocoa powder
Best Brewing Methods:

Poor overs                          Chemex                     Espresso