January's Roasters Choice

January's Roasters Choice

 Heave Ho Coffee Club
Head roasters choice
At Heave Ho coffee we are constantly getting in new beans from all over the world and we want to take our audience on the same journey that we're on. Thus the creation of the roasters choice. 
This Month’s coffee: Honduras/ Marcala, La Paz
A special coffee packed with incredible flavor and complexity. Isaura Martínez has dedicated her life to the cultivation of coffee, and her commitment to quality is undeniable!The farm’s name of “San Jacinto” was chosen due to the Hyacinth flower that is naturally found on the land.
Country: Honduras
Region: Marcala, La Paz
Process: Natural
Cupping Notes:  Blueberry, Fresh Cocoa, Honeydew
Roast Level: Light


Best Brewing Methods:

  Poor overs.                             

      Poor overs                Chemex                 Ice Coffee


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